How do you pronounce Rieger?

Ree - gur. It’s not Rye - gur. It’s Ree – gur.

Where did “O! So good!” come from?

It’s been the company slogan since 1887 and it’s cool and we’re never changing it.

My last name is Rieger, am I related to you?

Our particular Rieger family is incredibly small. The only living “Rieger's" that are direct decedents of the founder Jacob Rieger are the modern day J.Rieger & Co. founder, Andy, and his sons. But if your last name is Rieger and you want to tell people it’s your booze, we don’t mind!

What kind of dog is Pepper the distillery dog?

Pepper is a rescue and is 100 % mutt! She does not actually live in the distillery, but goes to work every day with her parents. Please consider finding your new best friend at a local shelter.

Do you donate to charity?

Of course. Please fill out the Donation Form to submit your request

Where can I buy your booze?

You can find it in bars, restaurants and retailers in more than 20 states. Check out our Spirits Finder to find a store near you. Our products can also be ordered for direct shipment to your home in more than 30 states.

Is the distillery open to the public?

Yes, we are open 7 days a week! We offer tours, food & cocktails in the Monogram Lounge, the Tasting Room, The Hey! Hey Club and the Electric Park Garden Bar. We also have private event spaces, historic exhibit, gift shop and a slide!

Is the distillery open to ALL ages?

Yes! We even offer a kids menu for the little ones!

Do you serve food?

Yes, the Monogram Lounge, Tasting Room, The Hey! Hey! Club and Electric Park Garden bar each have their own unique food menus.

How do I book a tour?

You can make a reservation on our website.

Can I have an event in the distillery?

Yep! See our Events Page to submit an inquiry.

Can I buy your booze at the distillery?

Sure! You can also buy it at a whole lot of stores in more than 20 states. Check out our Spirits Finder to find a store near you.

Is it cheaper to buy your liquor at the distillery than at a store?


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