Every time the KU football team scores, fans show their Kansas pride by “waving the wheat,” raising their arms in the air, and swaying them back and forth to mimic wheat – the number one crop in Kansas – on a windy day. This premium wheat vodka celebrates that same Kansas pride and is created in partnership with KU Athletics, with a classic label design inspired by our friends at Charlie Hustle.

A portion of sales will go to support responsible drinking programs for the campus community.

1.75 L
April 2023


Our Premium Wheat Vodka is 100% wheat based and conveys a clean and smooth flavor, as well as a full body and rich texture. Given a final distillation in our 750-gallon copper pot still, we are able to round out the spirit while giving it a full-body mouth feel.


Soft sweetness from the wheat, big round mouthfeel that can be attributed to the final distillation in Sherry, our copper pot still.


Did you know the majority of vodka distilleries do not produce from grain? Vodka must be distilled to at or above 190 proof but few distillation systems can achieve this in a cost-effective manner. So, most producers purchase 190 proof neutral grain spirit that is distilled from sources like wheat, potato, and corn. This spirit is merely a commodity and has uses for commercial, fuel, and beverage purposes. The true differentiating factor in the vodka you consume is what the distillery does after they receive the neutral grain spirit. While it is acceptable and common to simply cut the vodka down to proof and bottle it, we instead redistill our vodka in our copper pot still. We lose a decent percentage to the heads and tail cut but gain a more focused spirit, eliminating all the nasty elements a vodka can carry and creating a clean flavor and smooth texture, which we then carbon filter to soften even more.

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